Day: June 26, 2018

China launches spy bird drone to boost Government surveillance

China is stepping up its surveillance levels with a flock of high-tech drones disguised to look like birds. These sky-robots have already been deployed over the Xinjiang region of northwest China to allow officials to spy on the population. More than 30 military and government agencies have deployed the birdlike drones and related devices in at least five provinces in recent years. Each one is designed to move like a bird with flapping wings and carries on board a small camera that will beam images back to its controllers

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Iran bans import of 1,400 items to support domestic products

Iran announced a list of imported goods to be banned in a move to protect domestic products. All the banned items have their similar domestic alternatives. The government possesses enough currency at its disposal. We should not allocate the currency to the imports of those articles which have their similar domestic alternatives. The organization has excluded the articles from the list which are not produced locally to meet domestic demand. The list of the items subject to the imports ban will be announced soon

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Bharat-22 ETF receives bids worth Rs 15,436 crore

The second tranche of Bharat-22 Exchange Traded Fund saw bids worth Rs 15,436 crore from investors, which is more than twice the amount sought to be raised. The government had targeted to mop up Rs 6,000 crore with a green-shoe option of another Rs 2,400 crore. Subscription has come in for 2.57 times of the base issue size of Rs 6,000 crore

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India, Seychelles sign 6 MoUs for cooperation in various fields

India and Seychelles signed six Memoranda of Understanding (MoU) for establishing cooperation in the field of education, information technology, culture, and technology. A MoU was signed to provide Indian Grant Assistance for Implementation of small development projects through local bodies, educational and vocational institutions under the presence of Minister of State for External Affairs MJ Akbar and Minister for Habitat Infrastructure and land transport in Seychelles Pamela Charlette

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