The government made on Thursday installation of FASTag, a rechargeable card that uses passive radio frequency identification (RFID ) technology to debit toll charges automatically, mandatory for all four-wheel automobiles sold from December 1.

Manufacturers and authorised dealers will have to ensure vehicles are fitted with the tag.

“In case of vehicles that are sold as drive-away chassis without windscreen, FASTag will have to be fitted by the vehicle owner before it is registered,” said the Union road transport and highways ministry in a statement.

The tag will allow seamless travel on highways, cutting long queues at toll booths. The FASTag has to be linked to a prepaid account by the vehicle’s owner.

For existing vehicles, drivers can buy the tag from designated banks and toll booths and fix them on the windscreen.

The ministry notified the changes to relevant sections of the Central Motor Vehicles Rules, 1989.

The move is part of the government’s much-hyped electronic toll collection (ETC) system.